If you would like to install a solar power plant within your household or your company (on the roof of a building or groundwith the option of satisfying one's own needs and selling surpluses or production exclusively for sale, you need to go through the official procedure of connection of the power plant to the electricity grid. There will be challenges at the level of local distribution and self-government, but the procedure itself is clearly defined and we will be at your disposal during the entire connection process, if you choose us as a partner company that will offer you a specific technical solution and offer. The procedure you have to go through with our support, as the contractor you have chosen, is as follows and consists of four phases:

Phase I - Obtaining conditions for design and connection,
Phase II - Obtaining building permits,
Phase III - Construction and connection,
Phase IV - Achieving the status of RES producers.

By completing the procedure, you have the opportunity to sell electricity in the market if you are a legal entity, while individuals who own solar power plants can exercise this right through a legal form of association in cooperatives. Our team of experts will give you detailed analyzes and cost-effectiveness calculations for the construction of a solar power plant depending on the investment model you choose.