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Become a prosumer! - Consume and sell electricity

The name Prozjumer consists of two English words "producer" and "consumer". This term was coined by Alvin Tofler in the book "Third Wave", which was published in 1980 to define consumers as individuals who consume and produce value, either for ...

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Solar power plants - a sustainable business model

If you would like to set up a solar power plant within your household or your company (on the roof of a building or land) with the option of meeting your own needs and selling surplus or production exclusively for sale, you need to go through the procedure ...

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Solar panels – E-fficient Gornji Milanovac

Solar panels in Grabovica - It took humanity only 200 years to reach the era of sending human crews out of the atmosphere of our planet from riding horse-drawn carriages. This pace of progress, however, has bypassed the domain of energy exploitation for mass consumption on the very ...

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